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In 2006, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation ("KPC"), one of the world's major oil and gas companies, founded KPC Energy Ventures, Inc. ("KPC EVI") with the strategic goal of maintaining oil's long-term competitive position as a global energy resource. In an effort to achieve this objective, KPC EVI seeks to promote and influence the development of new technologies which make oil more efficient and environmentally-friendly through an active investment program.

Global Investment Strategy & Criteria

KPC has initially allocated $100 million for the purpose of investment to further the cause of technology development in areas that align to its strategic goals. These areas mainly focus on low carbon fuels, high efficiency vehicles, advanced stationary power, and sustainable petrochemicals. Within these sectors of the clean technology industry, KPC EVI has further defined several individual technology sub-sectors, listed below. On a more opportunistic basis, KPC EVI will also pursue other supply-oriented and oil-related investment opportunities which fall outside the scope of these core technology areas but enhance oil’s long term use.

In evaluating potential investment opportunities on a global basis, KPC EVI places an emphasis on assessing an opportunity's long term strategic fit within the targeted technology areas. In a parallel process, the KPC EVI team evaluates the technology's potential impact on long-term oil use and its ability to reach full-scale commercialization or grow its market share. Provided that the company meets these investment criteria, the team then assesses whether a targeted technology merits an equity investment.
As part of its overall strategy, KPC further takes into account the degree to which it can add value and influence a company post its investment. For example, by leveraging the resources of KPC's global oil franchise and corresponding network, the KPC EVI team has been able to assist companies in technology feasibility studies, product market assessments, and specific strategic and operational initiatives.
KPC EVI is structured to pursue a combination of direct and indirect investment opportunities across a range of early, mid or late stage technology companies. Accordingly, KPC EVI has adopted a three-pronged investment approach which leverages a combination of internal and external expertise and networks of relationships:
Strategic Partnership Fund-of-Funds – To date, KPC EVI has invested in six leading clean technology and alternative energy venture capital managers as a "strategic" limited partner. Through these relationships, the KPC team has been able to leverage the experiences of and learning from its managers while also generating a steady flow of indirect and coinvestment opportunities in areas which meet KPC's technology profile.
Direct Investment Fund – KPC EVI is also deploying capital on a direct basis through a more traditional corporate venture capital structure. KPC EVI is sourcing and executing transactions across the globe as both a lead investor or as a co-investor. This type of investment allows KPC EVI to actively focus on a narrow sub-set of the clean technology industry.
Technology Innovation Fund – Recognizing the importance for funding research, proof of concept and early stage opportunities that have yet to reach the domain of venture capital involvement, KPC EVI also provides small capital commitments to partnership institutions. These include select universities, government laboratories and other research focused entities. Through this initiative, KPC EVI maintains strategic relationship with the Industrial Liaison Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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KPC EVI Board Members
Hashim M. El-Rifaai
Mr. El-Rifaai serves as Chairman of the Board for KPC EVI as well as Chairman and Managing Director of the Kuwait Oil Development Co. and the Managing Director of Planning at KPC. Mr. El-Rifaai brings to the Board over 29 years of experience in the oil and gas industry within strategic planning, project management, and research and development. Aside from KPC EVI and the Kuwait Oil Company, Mr. El-Rifaai also serves as a Board Director of the Gulf Industrial Investment company and as both a Manager of the Corporate Planning Group and Manager of the Major Projects Group at Kuwait Oil Company.
Mr. El-Rifaai holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Seattle University.
Ali Al-Hajeeri
Board Director
Mr. Al-Hajeri serves as a Board Director of KPC EVI, participating in the investment review and approval process. Over his 28 year tenure at KPC, Mr. Al-Hajeri has held a variety of positions within the areas of corporate finance, now serving as the Managing Director of Finance & Administration Affairs. Mr. Al-Hajeri also participates as a Board Member for several KPC subsidiaries including Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. and Kuwait Oil Co.
Mr Al-Hajeri holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Kuwait University.
Abdullatif Al-Houti
Board Director
Mr. Al-Houti serves as a Board Director of KPC EVI, participating in the investment review and approval process. He currently holds the position of Managing Director of International Marketing at KPC.
Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Ramadhan
Board Director & President
Dr. Al-Ramadhan serves as a Board Director and President of KPC EVI. As President, he is responsible for the management of all KPC EVI investment activities. Since 2002, he has also held the executive positions of Deputy Managing Director for Health, Safety & Environment and Acting Deputy Managing Director for Research and Technology at KPC. Formerly, Dr. Al-Ramadhan served in various positions within KPC and its subsidiaries, as well as a Director of the Engineering Division at the Energy Department of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.
Dr. Al-Ramadhan graduated from the University of Michigan with a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. He also holds a master's and bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University.
KPC EVI Senior Professionals
Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Ramadhan
Reem Al-Jassem
Hanan Al-Hashash
Corporate Secretary


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