KPC Joins Bayt Abdullah

KPC wanted to be a part of this noble cause since it believes that its social responsibility goes beyond the dimensions of the management and development of the oil industry in Kuwait as it works hard to reach an effective social role based on its belief in the sense of citizenship. KPC is keen on participating in many social activities and setting out to support virtuous issues, and takes the initiatives that would enhance its performance. From this belief comes "KPC Land" a leisure park inaugurated on 18th January 2012 and designed specifically for the children and was built based on their desires. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation bears the name of this entertainment city as it was one of the first initiators who supported this project.

The story began in 1989 with the child Abdullah whose mother was keen to make him spend his last days comfortably, joyfully and peacefully. Since that time, the dream started to become a clear beacon of hope that urged people to provide a helping hand and support "Bayt Abdullah" for Pediatric Palliative Care, which cares about controlling pain and alleviating disease symptoms for children who are considered "hopeless cases".
 Every minute makes an important difference in the lives of these patients, hence palliative care has been provided in this house, including all levels of pediatric care which expanded to cover the psychological and social care as well as the provision of moral support to children and their families and friends. Also, it includes multi-purpose rooms, swimming pools for aquatic scientific treatment, a physical therapy unit, sports halls, and fully equipped classrooms. The day-time care center also provides medical, advisory, and educational services for children with stable medical conditions. In Bayt (House of) Abdullah home care was not left out in which health and advisory services are provided 24 hours. The good thing in all of this is that the place is equipped so as not to reflect the image of a hospital that a child has in his/her mind but instead appears as a place for entertainment.
 The astonishing design of the place that makes one look at with awe, was a project performed by a Kuwaiti female student who made "Bayt Abdullah" her graduation project. She was the Kuwaiti female architect, Ms. Alia Al-Ghuneim, who translated the patient's requirements and incorporated all objectives into her integrated design. Upon entering the hospital, one gets the feeling that everything comes alive even the walls, even the various soundless forms have a special feel; the sound of the water coming out of the sterilized pond that provides a sense of calmness; the colorful corridors, and interactive rooms – every corner has hints of the Kuwaiti culture such as a beach cabin as overlooking the sea (resembling a chalet) with delightful colours that please everyone who looks at them.

We are proud of our sponsorship and contribution to the entertainment rehabilitation of "Bayt Abdullah"; it brings us joy to learn that we have a made a significant contribution to the success of Bayt Abdullah project, through our sponsorship of "KPC Land" a piece of land that mediates the buildings and facilities of Bayt Abdullah, and which is equipped with the latest entertainment needs for children like a roller wheel, Magic Carpet, and a walkway and observation towers. KPC wholeheartedly believes in the importance of this project, given its sublime objectives represented in providing care to terminally ill children, as well as paying attention to their families, providing a family atmosphere appropriate to stay with them during their illness and in their last days.

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