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​The activities of KPC are focused on petroleum exploration, production, petrochemicals, refining, marketing, and transportation. We at KPC strive to manage and operate these integrated activities worldwide in the most efficient and professional manner, in addition to growing shareholder value whilst ensuring the optimum exploitation of Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources.

Domestic Upstream
Achieve sustainable crude oil production capacities in the State of Kuwait 4.0 MM bpd by 2020 and maintain through 2030
Achieve sustainable non-associated gas production capacities in the State of Kuwait 2.5 Bcf/d by 2030
Compensate for produced Hydrocarbons by annually adding proven reserve through improvement of hydrocarbons recovery from existing reservoirs and pursue an aggressive onshore and offshore exploration program to compensate for the 3-years average hydrocarbons production in order to meet the needs of future production targets (100% Reserve Replacement Ratio).

Domestic Downstream
Grow KPC domestic refining capacity up to 1.4 MM bpd in the medium term
Maximize conversion complexity of KPC domestic refineries, while meeting local energy demand
Provide petroleum products that meet domestic energy requirements and international market needs in terms of quantity and quality

International Upstream
Achieve crude oil and gas production outside Kuwait of 200 MBOEPD by 2020 and maintain through 2030 and reserves of 650 MMBOE by 2020 and maintain through 2030
Give preference for investments which facilitate technology and capability transfer between domestic and international upstream businesses
Become operator of international upstream assets by reaching 20% operatorship by 2030

International Downstream
Grow KPC international refining capacity while ensuring secure outlet for 800 mbpd by 2020 of Kuwaiti hydrocarbon
Enter into economically viable investment opportunities through partnership with an international partner or alliance with oil company, focusing on high growth market, specifically Asia
Divest unprofitable investments that do not provide acceptable returns in the short term in Europe and merge current operations with competitors operations through JV(s)/partnership(s) to improve performance

Pursue growth in petrochemical core business inside and outside the State of Kuwait by new builds or acquisitions to maintain leading position in the high growth Olefins and Aromatics products through partnerships, with a focus on Asia and other emerging markets
Maximize value-added integration between petrochemicals and KPC’s operations inside and outside the State of Kuwait

Maintain the size and the configuration of the fleet that meet long-term strategic cover and KPC marketing requirements for crude oil, petroleum products and LPG in-line with targeted domestic production

Maximize the value of Kuwaiti hydrocarbons in secure, long-term, and diverse outlets
Improve the value chain optimization of KPC’s operations

Enabling Function
Increase attraction and retention of talent through creation of working environment that encourage highest employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement
Achieve world class HSSE performance
Build capabilities for conducting R&D programs and technology development and deployment related to KPC’s activities, including establishing a multi-partner international petroleum research center
Provide guidance and analysis for planning on optimal funding/capital allocation
Implement risk management best practices in all activities related to KPC businesses
Pursue the integration of common systems to establish a global information architecture model and focus on strategic IT activities/services
Proactively improve and manage KPC’s corporate identity and image, represent its interests domestically and internationally
Maximize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) domestically and internationally
Develop a cohesive and comprehensive program to strengthen KPC role in local economy development
Enhance private sector contribution in KPC’s activities/investments