Al-Marzouq: KPC, Subsidiaries Cooperate to Hire Petroleum Engineers


Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) gives high importance to investment in the human element in order to build a generation capable of facing challenges in all fields, mainly those facing the Kuwaiti oil industry to achieve sustainable development, Minister of Oil, Minister of Electricity and Water and Chairman of the Board of KPC Engineer Essam Abdulmohsin Al-Marzouq said.

Out of their belief in their national and social roles, KPC and its subsidiaries seek through their current and future plans to hire the largest possible number of newly graduated Kuwaiti petroleum engineers, he said. KPC's policy does not end there, but it seeks through coordination and cooperation with its global partners to find job opportunities locally and internationally in order to help absorb the surplus in newly graduated Kuwaiti petroleum engineers, he indicated.

Furthermore, Al-Marzouq praised the role of global oil companies in hiring more engineers and allowing them to be more active in contributing to social responsibility, and that by creating job and investment opportunities for Kuwaiti engineers.

Moreover, Al-Marzouq reiterated KPC's commitment to exerting all efforts as part of its long-term strategic directions in order to improve Kuwaiti young people's capabilities, and help them attain experiences and skills necessary to build a better future for the next generations. "Enabling young people to play a role in social development requires efforts to encourage them, especially that they are the source of power for all societies, while countries prosper as much as they take care of their young people," he concluded.

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