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KPC launches the 7th HR Forum


In line with its firm belief in the human resources, and their role in achieving its 2030 strategic directives, KPC and its subsidiaries will organise the seventh HR Forum under the banner 'Together For Excellence' under the patronage and presence of KPC's CEO Mr. Nizar Al-Adsani. The forum will be held for 3 days from 9-11 February 2016, and the first opening day events will be held at Badria Hall, Jumaira Hotel (Al-Masila), whereas the second and third day events will be held in Al-Masila halls of the hotel.

This year, the forum will host a number of elite specialists and distinguished experts in the HR and leadership domain, aiming to take advantage of their experiences through delivering and executing a number of lectures and different workshops to exchange experiences, as well as providing HR employees in the oil sector with the necessary knowledge and experiences to improve their job performance and skills, especially that this forum is considered an annual gathering for HR employees in the oil sector.

Furthermore, the forum aims to give the opportunity to local/international experts and those responsible in and outside the sector to exchange opinions and ideas, as well as expertise, knowledge, experience and distinct field applications transfer which are in line with KPC and its subsidiaries vision, mission and objectives.

Moreover, the forum is considered the cornerstone of spreading awareness for everything new and beneficial for the middle and upper management, as well as HR employees in particular to achieve the strategic partner principle, which targets changing the prevailing conception of HR within the oil sector as a service or execution party, and thus promote the strategic partnership concept among HR departments and different operation departments in oil sector to fulfill its needs in an efficient manner that suits its work nature.

It is worth noting that the forum activities revolve around the 'Success Stories' theme.


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