Al-Khalid: Oil Spills Mostly Removed from Seawater near Zoor

The official spokesman of the oil sector Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah said that the majority of oil spills in seawaters near Al-Zoor were cleaned, noting that the oil sector's emergency teams are working on a 24-hour basis to clean the remaining spills. Meanwhile, the teams are making sure that vital institutions are protected, including those of the Ministry of Electricity and Water's north and south Zoor plants, as well as the Kuwait Integrated Petrochemical Industries Company's LNG terminal project, he said, noting that the north and south Zoor plants are working in full capacity.

Sheikh Talal also indicated that the emergency team continues to conduct air and sea surveys, as well as study satellite images to monitor the spills and detect new contaminations, adding that works are ongoing to clean the affected beaches at the operations' zone.

In the meantime, Sheikh Talal noted that the emergency team is currently assessing the volume of oil contaminated soil that was recovered from the contaminated sites, so that it can be treated according to the best scientific methods for environment protection.

The source of the oil spills is yet to be identified, he said, noting that investigations are ongoing, including testing for samples taken from the spills. Sheikh Talal praised all efforts taken to control the oil spills for the protection of the public's safety and the state's vital institutions.

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