Talal Al-Khalid: We deal with the strike in accordance with crisis plan


The oil sector spokesman Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid Al-Sabah said: "KPC and its subsidiaries activated the oil sector emergency plan after the Oil & Petrochemicals Union as well as trade unions strike took effect". Al-Khalid sent a reassurance message to KPC clients abroad informing them that exportation operations are going according to schedule, and that it's is able to meet the most prominent and important global market according to what was agreed upon with clients, affirming that exportation operations won't be influenced by this strike until now.

He indicated that KNPC refineries are optimally playing their role to produce oil products better than planned as per the pre-set emergency plan. Moreover, KOC's gathering centres are being managed by team leaders along with contractors' workers in light of the gathering centres employees strike, and the plan to call some contractors and retired employees is being activated.


Al-Khalid further clarified that KPC's senior management is closely following up the execution of set plans since the strike began, which ensure continuous supply of fuel stations with their usual needs of gas and oil derivatives, whether they follow KNPC or private companies (Al-Oula & Al-Sour), in addition to supplying Kuwait Airport and companies working there with their needs of jet fuel. He also asserted that reports coming to the crises management room indicate oil companies are meeting market demands, including KOC's supplying the Electricity & Water Ministry with needed fuel to operate power stations, as well as KOTC reports, which did not underline any problems in supplying local market with gas cylinders.

The sector's spokesman directed a message to citizens and residents, asking them to ignore any rumors related to the strike's effect on local market needs of oil derivatives, ensuring that Kuwait's reserve of gas and oil derivatives can fulfill local needs for 25 days, and that the State's strategic reserve can meet its demands for another 31 days, noting that operation rooms in KPC's subsidiaries are closely following up all updates, and analysing the strike outcomes to avoid any effects on local market needs. 

Al-Khalid concluded his statement by asking God Almighty to safeguard the State of Kuwait and its people from all evil.

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