Social responsibility associated projects & initiatives of KPC and its subsidiaries for any (oil, economic, social, cultural, health, etc.) activities or events are related to civil society in exchange for gaining value that benefits KPC and its subsidiaries, whereas the name and role of KPC is highlighted in the media by enhancing the reputation of KPC on a social and economic level. The projects & initiatives of CSR are divided into five categories based on the five-year plan: health, SSE, education, national heritage, and people of determination.


KPC and its subsidiaries seek to develop and maintain health awareness throughout the society, as it is one of the corporation’s primary goals. Many projects & initiatives have been sponsored or participated in to help raise attentiveness to the respective issue at hand. KPC are focused on supporting projects that aid our social responsibility role, leading to the development of our performance.

Safety Security and Environment

KPC and its subsidiaries are dedicated towards maintaining a high safety, security, and environmental performance. Our corporation focuses on responsibilities set towards taking preventative measures to ensure the safety and security of our environment, by committing to the drive of visible continuous improvements in SSE behaviors and performance. KPC has participated in various projects and initiatives to help solve environmental issues at source. We continuously demonstrate our respect and dedication in ensuring the implementation of the safety, security, and environmental state of our environment.

Education & Culture

KPC and its subsidiaries fully support the education and development of the youth of our society. Our corporation has sponsored various educational programs that contribute to providing opportunities that help individuals gain further knowledge and skills. KPC supports the community by partnering with entities that encourage creativity and motivate innovation.

National Heritage

To value our social responsibility role, KPC focuses on reviving traditions by participating in diverse cultural remembrance projects and initiatives in support of Kuwait’s culture and heritage.

People of Determination

KPC and its subsidiaries aim to provide opportunities to the ones in need, by involving them in various activities and partnering with different organizations that support affected individuals. In addition, KPC and its subsidiaries sponsor organizations in events that support a common cause, by raising money to help individuals and families affected by difficulties.