What is Manpower Contractors Kuwaitization?

KPC contributes to Kuwait’s economic growth through supporting various efforts aimed at providing more job opportunities to Kuwaiti nationals, this is accomplished through their employment within its operations and businesses either within its own capacity or within the contractors.

Therefore, in 2002 it has established the Manpower Contractors Kuwaitization initiative which oblige the oil sectors’ contactors to hire Kuwaiti nationals at minimum-set wages, benefits and rewards and it manages their transfer to other contractors once the contracts are over to secure their job continuity.

Interested to join the Manpower Contractors Kuwaitization? Please visit our How to Apply page to learn more.

Benefits and Rewards

Kuwaiti nationals joining the Manpower Contractors Kuwaitization are entitled for its rewards and benefits scheme in addition to diversified training programs aimed at improving their performance and deepen their technical knowledge.