Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, a global leader in the oil & gas Industry, is committed to operate commercially and globally in a sustainable manner by undertaking the values that act as a set of guidelines to help assist the corporation and its subsidiaries to work towards a common goal.

KPC Mission

We optimize the value of Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources by operating commercially and globally in an integrated and sustainable manner, while providing opportunities for our people to grow and contributing to Kuwait’s economic development.

KPC Vision

Our vision is to be a global, integrated oil & gas leader, through:

  • Leveraging innovation to maximize profit
  • Excelling with capable and motivated people
  • Acting as a secure and reliable supplier
  • Delivering efficiently and effectively
  • Ensuring health, safety and security
  • Respecting the environment

KPC Values

The values that KPC supports and works in alignment with are the following:


Acting in a trustworthy manner with the highest standards of ethics, respect, and honesty


Developing and embracing new ideas, methods, and approaches to solving challenges that create value


Encouraging high performance, continuous improvement, and a customer focus

One Team

Caring for the interests of KPC and ensuring alignment to achieve corporate and State goals


Building and sustaining relationships that support growth and enhance operational excellence

Caring for People

Creating a culture where people develop and grow, and are positively motivated to contribute to the success of others

Commitment to HSSE

Respecting the environment and ensuring safety, security, and the promotion of a healthy workplace wherever KPC operates


Creating employee satisfaction on an individual level and promoting a sense of loyalty and belonging to KPC