Why Work at KPC?

KPC provides job opportunities to both fresh graduates and experienced professionals, those who meet the minimum required qualifications will be able to apply to the career opportunities offered by KPC through its annual recruitment’s campaigns.

Our hiring process aims to identify the right talent and is distinguished for its highest level of transparency and objectivity, this is carried out through a five-step hiring process, starting from the announcement of the career opportunities until the first day of recruitment.

To learn more about our recruitment cycles, please visit our Hiring Process page

Sharing the responsibility of providing sustainable energy to the world

Being a part of a global energy provider, means contributing to the sustainability and growth of communities around the world as energy plays a vital role in various operations and businesses, and will provide you with opportunities to share our social responsibility to improve the quality of life wherever we operate our business.

Building your career and developing your skills

Working with us, will widen your technical exposure as you will benefit from the diverse operations carried out by KPC and its subsidiaries companies. In addition, to the exclusive training and development programs designed specifically to improve your technical and leadership skills.

Competitive rewards and benefits

Our attractive rewarding system is based on excellence and innovation, which we highly value and has successfully driven employees to unlock their potential. As for our benefit system, it is designed to ensure a proper work-life balance that will energize our people to achieve our goals without sacrificing their social commitments.