We maintain a wide range of business interests that encompass every aspect of the oil and gas industry, including upstream exploration, production, refining, marketing, retailing, petrochemicals, and marine transportation.

With our global reach, we operate across various regions, with our headquarters strategically situated in Kuwait City, where we effectively oversee and coordinate our diverse portfolio of subsidiaries companies.

Furthermore, we offer substantial financial support to our subsidiaries and manage the exportation of crude oil, refined products, and gas to international markets.

Our strategically positioned offices in Houston, London, Mumbai, Pakistan, Singapore, and Tokyo play a pivotal role in executing our strategies and significantly contribute to the sales and marketing operations of both KPC and its subsidiaries.

We conduct thorough market analyses on a regional level, enabling us to strengthen our presence in existing markets and explore new ones. Additionally, we foster collaborative relationships with major oil companies, cultivating long-term partnerships to expand our access to resources and increase our market share.